Awaken the Light Within:
Aligning Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Wish you could be happier, more productive, or just a better version of yourself? During this this 90-minute group experience, Penny Fisher will lead the group in discussion and guided meditation to assist you in raising your vibration so you can live in a more heart-centered place of joy and freedom.

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Soothing Sound

Bowl Bath 

Join Penny Fisher, Vibrational Sound Alchemist on Wednesday evenings at Blue Lotus Yoga & Wellness in Saint Cloud, FL. Allow the crystal singing bowls to take you to a place of deep relaxation and release. This sonic meditation utilizes coherent sound to reduce the grip and pace of our day-to-day thoughts, inviting a state of peace in the body, mind, and spirit as the electromagnetic signature of the brain and body organs begin to entrain to the sound frequencies of the singing bowls.  

WHERE: Blue Lotus Yoga & Wellness, 1124 10th Street, St. Cloud, FL

WHEN: Wednesdays at 8:00pm OFFERING: $15 


Vibrational Alchemy Sound Immersion

Please join us each Thursday evening at 7pm Eastern time for a REMOTE group Vibrational Alchemy Sound Immersion.

"Alchemy" refers to the seemingly magical process of transformation through which the inner Self can be brought into alignment with Unconditional Love. Vibrational Alchemy uses the power of sound in all its forms - the coherent sound of tuning forks and singing bowls, channeled healing codes through Toning and Light Language, and even the spoken word through loving conversation - to support this transformation. As we experience these shifts, we are able to remember our true Divinity and move through life's challenges with more ease and grace.  

WHEN: Every Thursday evening at 7pm Eastern Time

WHERE: The comfort of your own home via Zoom


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Vibrational Alchemy Soul Coaching 

If finding inner peace and a sense of SELF feels elusive, you're not alone.

Penny will work with you to co-create a path to soul healing. Through conversation, guided meditation, and energetic  approaches to wholeness, you will walk the path back to your True Self. 

And when you learn to love yourself, you remember WHO YOU ARE

YOU ARE a resourceful, creative, abundant, loving, peaceful Being of Light & Love. 

YOU ARE able to navigate challenges with ease. 

YOU ARE capable of fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose with energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and joy.

I can show you how to connect with your inner Heart Space so that you deeply and truly love yourself, always and in all ways.

 So, if you're ready to start the work now, let's hop on a call.




I'm looking forward to connecting with you, and supporting you in creating your journey back to Self.

Acu-Yoga Featuring Crystal Bowl Sound Bath 

Join us for a 90-minute integrated Acu-Yoga class led by Yogipuncturist Jennifer T. As Jennifer guides us in connecting with our bodies, the crystal bowls will lovingly support our journeys with coherent sound.

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th at noon

WHERE: OG Fitness

             2012 Jaffa Drive

             Unit 110

             Saint Cloud, FL 34771

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